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Lenten Recollection- Mayur Vihar Phase 3

COFE conducted a 2 day Lenten Recollection for Mother of Perpetual Succour Church, Mayur Vihar Phase III. The retreat began on 18th after the evening Mass and continued on 19th after the morning Mass. Some of the sessions taken by Mr Mathew Antony included accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, Forgiveness in Relationships and the Meaning of the Eucharist.

The retreat ended with a time of Adoration. 

COFE would like to thank Fr Paul Roy for the opportunity. 

Retreat- JMC

COFE conducted a 3 day residential retreat for the 1st year Christian students of Jesus and Mary College from 3rd to 5th March, 2017. The retreat opened on Friday evening with a session by Ms Sandra Jose who shared her life story and her experience of God's love in her life. The day ended with a time of Adoration. The second day focussed on Reconciliation of Relationships with God and with others. The students were invited to participate in the Sacrament of Confession followed by a celebratory Mass. The evening ended with a time of Adoration which focussed on Inner Healing.

The last day of the retreat began with Mass, followed by a session on the person of the Holy Spirit which was taken by Mr Mathew Antony. The retreat ended with an Adoration focussed on the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Besides members of the office, the COFE team included Mr Ashish Kerketta, Mrs Rachel Mathew, Ms Rashmi Tigga, Mr Enosh Tirkey and Ms Sandra Jose. 

The students shared testimonies of healing, increase in faith, a desire for prayer and the grace to forgive. 

COFE would like to thank Sr Rosily TL, the principal of the college for this opportunity and the staff and student-volunteers for the arrangements made. 

Retreat- Alaknanda Parish

COFE conducted a one day retreat for the prayer group members of Holy Spirit Church, Alaknanda Parish on 26th January, 2017. Mr Mathew Antony took a session on Jesus as the Lord and Savior of our lives. Ms Bernadette took a session on the importance of personal prayer. The day ended with a time of Adoration followed by Mass.

COFE would like to thank Fr Jesu Raj for this opportunity. 

Good News Seminar- CLG World School

COFE conducted the Good News Seminar for the students of classes 11 and 12 of CL Gupta World School, Moradabad. The seminar was conducted for the girls on 20th December and for the boys on 21st December, 2016. The seminar for the girls was centered on the Purpose of Life and Relationships while the seminar for the boys was centered on the challenges that young men face. The seminar ended with a time of silence where the students were invited to reflect upon their lives.

We would like to thank the school principal, Ms S Singh for this opportunity. 

Advent Recollection- Old Delhi

COFE conducted a half day Advent Recollection for the parishioners of St Mary's Church, Old Delhi on 18th December, 2016. Mr Mathew Antony took the first session on the meaning and purpose of Christmas followed by the need for forgiveness.

The recollections ended with a time of Adoration followed by Mass.

We thank Fr Valerian Beretto for this opportunity.  

Good News Seminar- Teachers

COFE conducted the Good News Seminar for the Teachers of St Anthony's School, Palwal on 13th December, 2016. Mr Mathew Antony took the first session on Life and our Quest for Happiness. Ms Bernadette took the second session on Understanding our role as Teachers. The seminar ended with a time of prayer and silence. The teachers were cooperative and found the sessions helpful. COFE would like to thank Sr Preetika, the school Principal for this opportunity.




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