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Retreat- Vineyard Labourers

COFE organised a three day residential retreat for Vineyard Labourers, the youth of St Sebastian's Church, Dilshad Garden from the 11th- 13th July, 2014.

Fr Franklin, National Youth Director, CBCI conducted the retreat for the 35 youth members of the parish. A special emphasis was given on The Value of Life and Forgiveness.

Almost all the youth members acknowledged that there were in a position to forgive at least one person during the Retreat. 

COFE also hopes to conduct the Alpha Course (click here to know about the Alpha Course) as a follow up programme for the youth.

If you would like to conduct a Retreat in your parish, please feel free to contact us here.


Good News Seminar- St Anthony's Haus Khas

COFE conducted the Good News Seminar for the students of class 9 and 10 on the 18th and 19th of Feb, 2014.

The Seminar included input sessions on Life, Relationships, on Learning to call God "Father" and on Healing through Forgiveness. The students were led into a Prayer time to experience God's Love and were encouraged to forgive everyone who has hurt them. The inputs were interspersed with dollops of humor and some lively action songs.


Recollection for Seminarians

COFE conducted the monthly recollection of the seminarians staying at Pratiskha Seminary of Delhi Archdiocese on 24-25 Jan 2014. This was attended by about 20 major seminarians. The programme concluded with Mass on 25 Jan 2014

Programme for Young Christian Brothers- Asansol

COFE conducted a four day programme for the young Christian Brothers in Asansol. Around 20 young brothers attended the programme which was meant to be a preparation for their annual retreat.

The programme covered various aspects like the need for a personal relationship with Jesus, spending time with The Word, and knowing the Holy Spirit in a profound way. The evenings were spent in Adoration where the brothers were encouraged to allow Jesus to touch and work in different aspects of their life.  

Orientation for Parents- Loreto School, Kolkotta

COFE conducted a Parents orientation programme for Loreto Convent School, Bow Bazar, Kolkatta. The half day Orientation programme was well received by the Principal, Staff and Parents of the school.

A special emphasis was given to the need for a personal relationship with Jesus and the need for forgiveness. The Programme ended with the parents receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation followed by Mass.    

Retreat- Jesus and Mary College

COFE organised a stay-in retreat for the students of Jesus and Mary College from the 25th- 27th October, 2013. The first evening focussed on God's Love. During the Adoration the students were given cut-outs of homes to write all their family problems in. They were encouraged to leave their homes with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

The second day was a day of introspection. The students got a chance to take a closer look into their lives. Priests were available for Confession and Counselling was arranged for the benefit of those who were interested. The day ended with Adoration focussing primarily on Healing of Wounds and Forgiveness.

On the third day, the students prayed for an infilling of the Holy Spirit.

After the retreat, almost all the students testified to being able to forgive at least one person who had hurt them. A number of them had received physical and emotional healing. A lot of them shared that they were going back with a new perspective on God and His Love.

COFE hopes to have follow up Bible Study classes in the month of January with the students. 



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