Recent Updates

Two day Retreat for Domestic Workers

COFE team of Mathew Antony, Bernadette Mable Morris, Emmanuel and Ashish Kerketta conducted a two day Retreat for Domestic Workers at RMI Sisters’ Convent, M8, South Ex on 19th & 20th of July 2016 in order to prepare them to receive the sacrament of confession.  Adoration was held on the first day for inner healing. On the second day sessions were held on the importance of Mass and knowing the person of Holy Spirit. Many were touched by the Holy Spirit and received physical and emotional healing.

3 day Retreat for students of Loreto School

A three day Retreat was conducted by the COFE team for students of Class X, XI & XII of Loreto School at the School Premises from 08th – 10th of July 2016. The team comprised of Mathew Antony, Bernadette Mable Morris, Mathew Thankachan, Catherine George, Sandra Jose, Ashish Kerketta and Enosh Tirkey. Along with Praise and Worship, Group Discussions and various other activities were also conducted during the Retreat. It was a very positive experience for the students and they are looking forward for a follow up Retreat.

Good News Seminar for Teachers

The COFE team conducted Good News Seminars on 28th & 29th of June 2016 respectively for the teachers of St. Anthony’s Senior Secondary School, Paharganj and St. Anthony’s Primary School, Paharganj. The team comprised of Mathew Antony and Bernadette Mable Morris.  The Principals of both the schools and the teachers were very pleased with the outcome of the Seminars.

Retreat for Novices

A Retreat was conducted by the COFE team of Mathew Antony and Bernadette Mable Morris at Our Lady of Fatima Convent, Gurgaon on 12th and 13th of May 2016 for the Novices of CFMSS Congregation who are preparing for their final profession. Sessions were conducted on having a personal relationship with Jesus, Jesus as Our Lord and Saviour, Forgiveness, Proclamation, Prayer and Vows. The Retreat concluded with an infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Good News Seminar for Parents

The COFE team of Mathew Antony and Bernadette Mable Morris conducted a Seminar on 9th and 10th of May 2016 at St. Anthony’s School, Paharganj for parents of KG students. Some of the sessions included ‘Finding Meaning in Life’ and ‘Parenting.’ We would like to thank Sr Betty, Principal of St. Anthony’s School for the initiative and arranging the Seminar.

Family Day at Bhatinda

An Evening Programme was conducted by the COFE team of Mathew Antony and Bernadette Mable Morris for the Parish Council members of the Holy Rosary Parish, Bhatinda on 23 Apr 2016. The topic for the programme was “Leadership” and the sessions covered were “Leaders in the Bible and Jesus as a Leader.” The programme concluded with a Reconciliation Ritual to encourage them to forgive each other and express their gratitude towards one another.

A full day programme was conducted the next day for the Parish as part of their Family Day celebrations.  The Sessions presented were “Making Jesus the Lord and Savior of our Lives” and “Importance of Prayer and Word of God in our Family Lives.” The programme concluded with Adoration focused on healing in marriages and families along with a special prayer for the married couples. Fr Pio, the Parish Priest was especially grateful for the experience the parishioners witnessed to.


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