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Advent Retreat- Burari

COFE conducted an Advent Retreat for the parishioners of St Monika's Church, Burari on 11th December, 2017. Sessions on accepting Jesus as our Christ and Lord, the need for Forgiveness and Personal Prayer were conducted. The day ended with a time of Adoration. The parishioners appreciated and thanked the team. Some of them personally shared their experience of the retreat.

COFE would like to thank Fr Bipin Ekka and his team for organizing the retreat. 




Seminar at Clara Niwas

COFE conducted a Seminar for the residents of Clara Niwas Hostel on 10th December, 2016. Mr Mathew Antony conducted a session on the Purpose and Meaning of Christmas. Ms Bernadette conducted an activity to facilitate the residents to forgive each other. The evening ended with a time of prayer and silence.

We thank the sisters of CFMSS congregation for an opportunity to address the residents. 

Advent Retreat for SCC Leaders

COFE conducted a one day Advent Retreat for the SCC leaders of all the parishes in Delhi on 4th December, 2016. The retreat was conducted in Naveenta and was attended by around 150 SCC leaders. Some of the sessions included Jesus- our Savior and Lord and Personal Prayer. A special emphasis was given to the importance of opening our homes and our hearts to people at Christmas thus being messengers of hope and joy to people around us. The day ended with Adoration and Mass.

COFE would like to thank Fr Balraj for an opportunity to address the SCC leaders.         

Good News Seminar at Loreto, Delhi

COFE conducted the Good News Seminar for the class 12 students of Loreto Convent, Delhi Cantt on 28th November, 2016. Mr Mathew Antony opened the seminar with a session on Life and our quest for happiness. Ms Bernadette conducted a session on Healing in relationships followed by the third and final session by Mathew Antony on relationships with parents, teachers and peers. The session ended with a time of prayer and silence. COFE would like to thank the Loreto principal, Sr Mercia D'souza for an opportunity to address the students and the school's music teacher, Mr Ashish Kerketta for helping out with the music for the seminar.  

Session at Divine Ashram

Mr Mathew Antony conducted a session for the English Night Vigil at Divine Retreat Ashram, Faridabad on 19th November, 2016. The session was centered on deepening our relationship with Jesus in prayer. 

Sessions at CRI Meeting

COFE conducted 2 sessions for the Major Superiors of Religious during the CRI meeting on 11th November, 2016. Mr Mathew Antony and Ms Bernadette Morris conducted the sessions. Ms Bernadette opened the session with a talk on Finding Jesus in Prayer and in the unwanted experiences of life. Mr Mathew did the second session on Finding Jesus in Mission. COFE thanks Fr Joe Mannath, National Secretary, CRI for organizing the event.   


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