Daily Reflection

July 13, 2019

Feast of Rosa Mystica

Gospel Reading: MT 10:24-33

The sparrow is one of the smallest of creatures; and yet the Father’s attentive and protective care extends to it. Also the words of Jesus are an encouragement not to be deterred in the face of challenge or opposition. The loving attentive care of God the Father extends even to the sparrows. Aren’t we who are made in His image and likeness more valuable than the sparrows? Jesus is making the point that God knows everything about us, down to the number of hairs we have on our heads. God cares deeply about each of us and God always will take care of us. We do not need to be afraid, even when life is difficult.

The challenge for us is that when life is painful and difficult, most of us naturally become afraid. It is not that we don’t have faith in Jesus. Rather, we simply may be overwhelmed by the challenges and difficulties in our lives. And it may seem that there is no way out! God our Father has created each one of us in His image and likeness; every hair on our heads has been counted. He knows all our concerns and accompanies us on all life’s journeys. Let us pray today for the grace to recognise His presence in our lives and not to be afraid as He is always with us.

Reflection by Christabel D'Souza

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