Daily Reflection

March 15, 2019

Gospel Reading: MT 5:20-26

"....go first and be reconciled with your brother,
and then come and offer your gift." (Matthew 5:24)

In the Bible, Jesus has always condemned the Pharisees and Scribes for their self-serving and hypocritical teachings. Today, he warns us too to forsake all those thoughts, words and deeds which imitate those of the Pharisees and Scribes. Self-praise and pompous living which characterized them, does not have any room in the kingdom of God.
Jesus cites the teachings of the Old Testament with regard to forgiveness and reconciliation, as he encourages us to see these divine virtues with his godly perspective. Also, he warns us that mere recitation of prayers and scriptures won't help unless they are manifested in and by our lives too.
Knowing how God has loved us unconditionally and equitably, we can't possibly imagine that he would allow us in his presence if we have hatred for someone who is still one of his beloved children. That's why forgiveness and reconciliation has always held a central place in Jesus's ministry and he urges us yet again to love one's brother as one loves oneself.
Reflection by Rashmi Tigga

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