Daily Reflection

June 18, 2019

Gospel Reading: MT 5:43-48

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ then you will indeed face trials and persecutions, for Jesus never promised a life free from these but the grace and power to overcome these. Therefore the term enemy is apt for use, only by those of us, who see people from our worldly eyes.

If we truly know the will of God in our lives we would realize, that if not permitted by God, we would never face persecutions and trials. Such individuals, whom we call our enemy, will have dominion only on all that God has allowed them to lay hands on.

So then, these persecutors of ours, aren’t they as much subjected to the power and might of Jesus Christ within the framework of God’s Will? Surely their time to revel in God’s Love has not yet come else they wouldn’t be our enemies. This is why they need our love and prayers as the gospel beautifully teaches us today.

Let’s then allow our enemies, to pour out their hatred into us, so that, once famished, they might encounter the futility of their tiring flesh and the power of our ever enduring Spirit.

Reflection by Sheen Thomas

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