Daily Reflection

June 21, 2019

Gospel Reading: MT 6:19-23

For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

Even as we read today’s gospel we can see that our motives in following the Lord gets tested, for the message is very clear – “where your treasure is, there also will your heart be”.

If I am reading today’s gospel with the hope that this meditation I am doing is going to benefit me in attaining a particular blessing I have been longing for,  then it is obvious, that my heart, while reading these scriptures, is still hooked to something apart from Jesus.

This is the crux of today’s gospel- our deviations from Jesus the Lord. If Jesus is the treasure of our life then we will seek Him and His kingdom and then we know what would happen, all other things will be added unto us. Yet after knowing this promise of God if we still seek all other things apart from Jesus, it is natural that Jesus would turn to us and say, your heart is where your treasure is.

All attractions of the world begin with our sight. This is why Jesus says that if our eye is sound our whole body will be filled with light.

How willingly have we allowed Jesus, the true light of the world into us. Do the sight of people and things of the world change our motives and make us love the creation instead of the creator?

Reflection by Sheen Thomas

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