Daily Reflection

August 19, 2019

Gospel Reading: MT 19:16-22

If we go through the lives of Jesus's disciples, we will see the lives ridden with struggles, trials and most of them ending in painful deaths. But due to their unhesitating acceptance of the Lord's discipleship, the lives of each one of them were given such glory which far exceeded their struggles. 
Unlike the disciples, the young man missed out on such glory as he couldn't follow Jesus. He couldn't pay the price of leaving behind his luxurious life for Jesus. Similarly, we too resemble the young man, when we refuse to follow Jesus by clinging on to our material possessions.  
We fail to follow him whose life was paid as ransom to set us free from death and eternal damnation, without so much as wondering, "What if unwilling to sacrifice his son, God had simply given up on us? 
How would our lives have been then?"
Reflection by Rashmi Tigga

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