Daily Reflection

June 5, 2013

Gospel Reading: Mk 12:18-27

"Are you not mislead as you neither know the Scriptures or God's power" Mk 12:24

Today's first reading is from one of the most beautiful stories in the Catholic version of the Bible. We see the humble prayers of Tobit & Sarah, the presence of the angel Raphael & the wicked demon Asmodeous. In the days to come we will see this story unfold in greater depth. Sarah was distraught as she had lost 7 husbands each time she got married & prayed that God would end her misery by taking her life.  The Sadducees who never accepted the resurrection referred to this very story in the Gospel & were hoping that Jesus would defend their argument. They like the Pharisees knew the law in letter but not in spirit & hence tried to enforce it literally. Their perspective was narrow & limited as their focus was confined to the centrality of power in themselves. This actually impeded their judgement & understanding of many spiritual issues. Jesus gives them a startling revelation when he says that they neither know the Scriptures or the power of God. This was a severe indictment of their knowledge which they held in high esteem.

Very often our vision is distorted by the images we see & experiences we have. Today many of us Christians have got caught up with the world & its worries rendering us harried & aspiritual at worst. As our economy surges ahead our aspirations have undergone significant changes & God's word no longer plays a part in it hence that rebuke of Jesus could very well be directed at us too. We do not know the Bible & many a time we are proud to publicly display this ignorance of God's word. We end up repeating this ad nauseum as though it were some sort of qualification for being part of a unique group. This has serious ramifications for our future in this life & more so for eternal life if we aspire for it. In Joshua 1:8 it clearly mentions that we are to dwell on God's word day & night. In Hebrews 4:12, the author tells us that God's word is a like a double edged sword which can cut through joints & marrow to discover the thoughts of our hearts. 2 Timothy 3:16 says that God's word is useful for teaching, rebuking & rejecting false doctrine. In fact this chapter of Timothy begins with an ominous warning of being besieged by a crisis of faith in these last days which can lead us astray. 

For those of us who are seriously trying to model our lives on the gospel we have to be doubly alert. Aspersions are likely to be cast on our character & there could be serious insinuations levelled against us. It is in moments like these that the word of God will be like an armor or shield for us to repel such attacks. We should not be afraid to confront such issues rather always remember that though situations may seem grim God's word is like a beacon light which corrects our vision & guides us ashore. The path may be full of hurdles but we can trust in God's Word to overcome it (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Today’s reflection has been written by Phillip Gabriel. Phillip is a Management Consultant focusing on the HR domain.




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