Daily Reflection

April 10, 2013

Gospel Reading: Jn 3:16-21

" But people preferred darkness to Light"

In life we are always presented with choices & it is in the choices we make which usually define our course of action & the general course of our life. God made a choice for us many eons back when he promised a savior for mankind.

Jesus is that ultimate choice & he fulfilled that promise made by his father when he chose to die on a cross in the most humiliating circumstances. The cross is the symbol of boundless love which only God could offer & John 3:16 testifies to it. Jesus also knew that the most challenging aspect of our fallen human nature would be to love another human being & that is why he had to die & forgive on the cross so that we could have no excuses for unforgiveness. But in spite of this monumental sacrifice we still find ourselves & the world engrossed in sin & treachery.

It sadly appears that humanity at large has chosen the path of self destruction hence "prefers darkness". We can safely infer that this darkness has a power which beckons us in a mysterious way only to abandon us when we are mired in trouble. Jesus is the true light which the darkness can never put out but it needs a wee bit of action from our side. We need to turn towards the light & Jesus will do what he has promised & that is give us eternal life.

Today's reflection has been written by Phillip Gabriel. Phillip is a Management Consultant focusing on the HR domain


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