Daily Reflection

June 11, 2013

Gospel Reading: Mt 5:13-16   (Alternate Reading: Mt 10:7-13)

"You are the salt of the earth."

Jesus said this to His disciples. Not to the crowd, but to the ones who followed Him and took every word of His teaching seriously.

Salt is used as a preservative and for seasoning. It loses its taste when exposed to air, water or dust and becomes waste. Jesus calls us to preserve His word and to be a seasoning of His love in this world; to be able to give people and circumstances, a flavor of His kingdom.

Jesus said, in Jn 8:12, "I am the Light of the world" and in today's Gospel, He calls us to be one too. Not to be hidden, but to be out in the world in a way that glorifies Him in our daily lives; to be the fifth Gospel.

He asks this of us not only in deed, but also in word. To share with others the wonders that God has done in our lives. St. Ignatius of Loyola says, "Seeing the servant of the Lord, a good and humble who, while accomplishing the will of God, thinks that he is completely useless... the devil makes the person believe that if he speaks of some grace given to him by God our Lord, of works, resolutions, and desires, he sins with another kind of vain glory because, he is speaking of his own honor. The devil tries to make the person not speak of the benefits received from the Lord, thus impeding the yield of fruit in others and in himself given that the remembrance of benefits received always fosters greater things."

Do I glorify God in the little actions of my life?

Are my thoughts worthy of praise?

Can people around me hear God in the words I speak?

Am I pure salt and true light where I am meant to be?

What more must I do?

May God grant us the grace to be His true witnesses so that He may be glorified. Amen.

Today's reflection has been written by Gilda Rose Kalathil. Gilda is a Counselling Psychologist at Sri Ram School. 


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