Daily Reflection

April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion

Gospel Reading: MT 26:14—27:66

What Jesus experiences for us is a manifestation of God's overwhelming love for each one of us. Further, by identifying ourselves with the 'mystery' of Jesus' sufferings, death and resurrection, we ourselves experience a great liberation, a 'passover' from various forms of sin and enslavement to a life of joy and freedom. Certainly our celebration of Palm Sunday and the rest of the Holy Week is not just to be one of memories, or even just of thanks but of entering, together with Jesus, into a new experience of living. It is meant to be real and not merely religious, pious and devotional make-believe.
So, as we participate in the liturgy of Holy Week, let us not concentrate simply on the sufferings of Jesus as if there was something good about suffering. Those sufferings only have meaning because they lead to resurrection, new life and new joy. The pain and sufferings of our lives are not just punishments of God, still less are they to be sought out. Suffering, pain, sickness are not in themselves desirable. They become, however, sources of good when they help us to become more mature, more loving, more caring, more sympathetic people - in other words, when they lead us to be more like Jesus Himself, when they lead to our own liberation and the liberation of others.
Reflection by Patrick John Ashing

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