Good News Seminar for Teachers


The COFE team conducted a Good News Seminar on 19 Apr 2016 for teachers of St Francis School, Tarn Taran, Amritsar. The team comprised of Mathew Antony and Bernadette Mable Morris.  The Principal was very pleased with the outcome of the Seminar and the overall response of the teachers.

Year of Mercy


Traditionally, there are holy doors only in the four basilicas of Rome: St. Peter's, St. John Lateran, St. Mary Major and St. Paul Outside the Walls.

But Pope Francis has rewritten the rules and said that every Catholic cathedral in the world may designate a holy door to be opened for a year, so that even those who can't come to Rome can participate in the church's Jubilee Year of Mercy by walking through the doors.

Until 1975, the Holy Doors in Rome were enclosed by a cement wall that the pope broke down using a hammer. When cement fragments fell too close to Pope Paul VI during the opening of the Holy Door on Christmas Eve in 1974, this practice was abandoned, and now bronze doors have replaced the wall.

Holy Doors symbolically represent Jesus, who said, "I am the door." (John 10:7)

What happens when Catholics walk through Holy Doors?

Walking through the Holy Doors means that you receive an indulgence, which is a lessening of the consequences attached to sin.

According to the Catholic Church, when you sin, you must go to confession and you are forgiven. But forgiveness only applies to the guilt of your sin; there may still be consequences of your sin that you may have to pay for in this life or after you die. An indulgence is a way to lessen that penalty.



As an analogy, if someone commits a crime, he is sentenced to jail time as punishment. He may be sorry for his crime and apologize, but he still must serve his sentence and deal with the consequences of his crime.

To receive a full indulgence (called a plenary indulgence), you must:

1. Walk through the Holy Doors.

2. Go to confession.

3. Receive communion.

4. Pray for the intentions of the pope.

Special sins

In another first, Francis will directly appoint special missionaries from all over the world who will receive from the pope the power to forgive sins usually reserved to the Holy See. Those sins are:

1. Desecration of the Eucharist.

2. Absolution of accomplice in a sin against the sixth commandment.

3. Ordination of a bishop without the pope's approval.


Retreat at Vinay Gurukul

 The COFE team conducted a retreat for the young seminarians of the Vinay Gurukul seminary of the Archdiocese of Delhi located in Gurgaon. The retreat was attended by 28 Brothers which began on 11 Nov and ended on 14 Nov 2015. The team comprised of Ashish John Kerketta, Bernadette Mable Morris and Mathew Antony. Many testimonies of healing and deliverance were reported by the seminarians. COFE extends its gratitude to Fr. John Monterio - Rector, Fr. Jais Jose - Vice Rector and Fr. Lancy Paul - Spiritual Director for all their initaitive and encouragement in organsing this retreat.                                                                                                 



Evangelium 2015

COFE organised the annual Bible writing competition Evangelium. This year the Psalms had to be hand written by the participants. The competition drew a very encouraging response from the lay and religious alike from all over the diocese. We received 170 registrations this year and the number of complete submissions was 115.

The first prize went to  Mrs. Arul Mary - Dilshad Garden Parish, the second prize was shared by Ms. Roseline Doss( Dilshad Garden) and Miss Angel Mathew (St. Mary's School, Mayur Vihar Ph III). Two participants won Special Mention awards - Shristi Bilung (Old Delhi) and Sunita Kullu. 

The prizes were given away by Fr. Mathew Koyickal, Chancellor Archdiocese of Delhi.


Good News Seminar at Our Lady of Fatima School, Gurgaon

The COFE team conducted a three day programme called the Good News Seminar, as part of the induction ceremony for the parents of newly admitted students of Our Lady of Fatima School, Gurgaon from 30th March to 1st April 2015. This three days orientation programme was based on the foundation of parenthood and its importance in the life of a child, in order to help a child grow in a balanced form, thus also guiding the parents to surrender their lives and the lives of the children into the hands of God. Mr. Mathew Antony gave a talk on parenting children and helping children believe in themselves throughout their various roles in life. The team then led the gathering into prayer, after which students presented magnificent performances.


Recollection in Holy Family Institute

The COFE team conducted aLenten Recollection for 400 nursing students of Holy Family Nursing Institute. The recollection was conducted on two consecutive evenings of 16th& 17th March, 2015 at the Holy Family Auditorium.

The recollection began with a time of singing followed by a session on the need for Reconciliation with God and our brothers. The evening ended with a time of Adoration. On the second evening, the students were prepared to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Despite the short time, the two day recollection was well received by the nursing students. Fr Arockia Das, the Asst. Priest at Holy Family said that he was hopeful of having follow up programmes in the near future.

JMC Retreat

COFE conducted a three day residential retreat from 5th March-7th March in Jesus & Mary College for the first year students and around 117 girls participated in this retreat. The retreat included Praise and worship, talks on Sin, forgiveness, Holy Spirit and action songs along with counselling for the girls. 

Two Days Advent Retreat

Advent Retreat- St. Xavier's Church, Shahbad-Daulatpur

On the 13th and 14th December COFE conducted a two day advent retreat for the youth and the parishioners of St. Xavier's, Shahbad-Daulatpur church. On the first day it was a two hour session for the youth of the parish. The session began with praise and worship followed by a talk on experiencing God's love. The first day saw around 20 youth members attending the program. The second day was for all the parishioners and there were around 150-200 of them attending the retreat. There were two talks given on experiencing God in one's life and on preparing oneself for the confession. The program ended with an adoration and confession. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Mathew Antony, Ms. Bernadette Mable Morris and Ms. Rashmi Tigga.

Evangelium 2014

Evangelium 2014

On 30th November 2014, The Commission for Evangelization organized a felicitation ceremony for the winners of the Bible Writing Competition,Evangelium-2014, which had been announced in the month of June and came to a close on 31st October, 2014. Evangelium 2014 was a first of its kind Bible Writing Competition which required the contestants to hand write the four Gospels in English or Hindi. The Commission received an overwhelming response with more than 150 registrations and 40 completed entries.

The program opened with a prayer song followed by a short introduction on the purpose of organizing Evangelium and a brief synopsis of the work done by the Commission for Evangelization. Br. Dermot Barrett, a Christian Brother gave a talk on the Word of God and the tradition of handwriting the Scriptures.

Fr Victor Dsouza, the Chief Guest for the evening commended them for the effort they had put in. All the Bibles received by the Commission were beautifully written and tastefully decorated. It was after two rounds of judging that the winners for the evening were decided upon. Besides awarding the winners, all the participants who had submitted the four Gospels were given a prize and all those who had submitted one Gospel were recognized with a Participation Certificate.

The winners of Evangelium 2014 are as follows:

1st Prize:   Mrs. Hilary Gomes (Prabhu Prakash Girja- Trilokpuri)

2nd Prize:  Manisha Ekka (St. Xavier’s Church, Shahbad-Daulatpur)

                Anita Toppo (St John the Baptist Church, Aya Nagar)

3rd Prize:  Anna Pinto (St. Xavier’s Church, Shahbad-Daulatpur)

Special Prize for

Hindi Bible Writing: Mrs. Veronica Lugun (St. Sebastian’s Church, Dilshad Garden)



Mission Month Seminar

Mission Seminar on Evangelii Gaudium

The Commission for Evangelization organized a seminar based on His Holy Father’s first Apostolic Exhortation, EvangeliiGaudium- The Joy of the Gospel on 11 October, 2014. The Seminar began with a prayer song followed by a presentation on a chapter from the EvangeliiGaudium by Mathew Antony, Secretary to the Commission for Evangelization. Soon after the presentation, a panel discussion was held with three communities that are actively involved in the work of evangelization. The three communities present for the discussion wereSantvana community represented by MrsShineyAlexy, JeevanDhamrepresented by Mr Abhishek  Laland Fiat Mission represented by MrAni Joseph who came from Kerala to be a part of the panel. The panel was chaired by Fr Francis Prasad, assistant parish priest, Defence Colony Parish. The evening ended with a Mission Song performed by the Balcony Harmonies.

The seminar was attended by around 100 people including priests, religious and laity. The Commission intends to hold more events on Evangelization and the EvangeliiGaudium in the near future. 


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